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It’s time for a change. You want to be happy. You want to get on with your life. Something in your life isn’t working and you finally want to fix it. You’re unhappy, angry or frustrated and you’ve sometimes given up on yourself—and others. You believe you’re stuck and there’s nothing you can do to change it.

You’ve tried talking with friends. You’ve tried therapy, seminars, books, and nothing seems to be working—at least not well enough. You may be struggling with your career, or you haven’t been the husband or father you want to be. Now, you’re sick of feeling stuck in your own stuff. You’re tired of watching yourself make the same mistakes again and again as a husband, a father, a businessman, a man.

We’ll jump straight into what’s not working. We’ll identify the problems and figure out solutions before you get off the phone. Along the way, you’ll learn about yourself and how you’re not so different from most other men. You’ll learn the tools needed to have a stronger and happier relationship with yourself, your woman, your kids, your employees and colleagues, your money, spirituality, health, and your ability to experience fun and joy.

What Is A Skype Consultation?​

Skype Consultations are the quickest and the most convenient way to get advice. Having trouble with a sticking point? Don't know what you are doing wrong? Wanting to reach the next level but do not know what to do? Sign up for an hour long consultation. We will meet up over skype or call and get it handled.

Or for a discounted rate sign up for a month to have me mentor you and keep you accountable through out the month. Here I will give you exercises and missions to perform that will be designed for your current situation to make sure you level up. I know what needs to be done to get you past your barriers. Just give me a call.



I give you missions that I have used in the past myself to kill the varying sticking points that might be plaguing you. Such as;

-running out of things to say

-not approaching

-going out in general

-building attracting

-getting out of your head

-putting in place the fundamentals that are essential to getting women


Pull back the curtain on this foggy area that is success with women. Give me a run down of your time picking up girls in your day to day life and get feedback on how and what to improve.


Having a hard time keeping on track. When it comes to this I understand. If this is not your necessarily your path in life it can be hard to keep on track. Thats why you get me, your metaphorical monkey on your back. Telling you get to work. I will be your personal trainer with women. Not letting you off easily when you could have pushed yourself so much harder.

You Are Who You Associate With

 When you hang around people you begin to become them. This is fact. If you get me around you consistently you will absorb my mindsets about game that allow me to do what i do. I found this often times happen with friends that were away from me for a while, my game in that time would surpass theres and after a month or so of hanging out with me again their seduction would be at a level it took me a full four months to reach.

Clearing Up Your Murky Understanding Of What Works

I know how foggy game can be. There are so many levels to this and it can take years to have the full picture truly revealed. How can you tell if a girl likes you? What does it mean if a girl texts you this? Why do girls cock block? I have all these answers and more. All you have to do is just ask..  

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