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In spite of what you’ve been taught to believe, women are very sexual creatures, even more than men. It doesn’t matter what type of girl she is, what background she came from, or what her current status is in life, there is a freak inside of her dying to be unleashed by the right man. That man should and can be YOU. The things she claims that she would never do, can be done to her if done right. Not only is she willing to try freaky new shit, she wants to try freaky new shit, but she just needs you to initiate it. Most guys are only trying to please one part of their anatomy, but a womans anatomy is a whole different story. You, as a man, need to understand that a womans entire body is like one big sensitive playground to be taken full advantage of. There is much more to it than just licking and hitting the hole, and whatever little common activities you might perform. You need to learn how to think outside the box.

Master the Bedroom (MP3's) 5 Hours

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