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A guy will spend half the day building up his confidence just to merely speak to the chick initially, but invest absolutely no though into what he’ll say beyond that point. After he says his hellos or whatever to her, he finds himself basically stuck in limbo. He doesn’t know where to go with the conversation or how to conduct it even if she were the one to initiate it. The truth of the matter that guys need to get a grip and understand is there’s really nothing to it at all. There’s no great mystery or some magic trick to talking to women. There may be some minor tweaks to be made, depending on the individual, butt he general rule applies to all. It all starts with you, but the problem is you don’t trust yourself enough because you don’t know yourself as well as you should. Not to worry because like always, The Dean has your back once again. Steve “The Dean” Williams will have class sessions containing lectures and assignments to help you overcome the common everyday mistakes.

Conversation Class 1 (MP3's) 7 Hours

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