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This is not some system of learning pickup lines and little gimmicks to memorize. Its a program to aid you in becoming a man of personalized standards and low tolerance for everyday bullshit. You wont be required to study and learn any codes or techniques and secret handshakes like you're part of some wannabe club. Your only task is to learn, understand and develop more real-life principles as you progress to new levels of becoming the man you were meant to be. The programs and lessons provided are not about helping you try to be like some other guy, its about helping you become a better version of yourself. From that day you were born, you were destined to be the man you've wanted to be, the man that only you and nobody else can be. Check your limbs and notice there are no strings attached to any of them. Thats because you're not meant to be anybodies puppet, so start living by that code. Its about damn time for you to stand up and man-up and the Alpha Code has the tools to show you

Alpha Code (MP3's) 7 Hours

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