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Eating a woman's pussy is one of the greatest sexual acts you can perform. It is at the same time intimate and incredibly sexual. You are literally making out with her pussy. At the same time that your head is buried between her thighs, you can feel the subtle convulsions of her body, her breath deepen and shorten and you can feel the arching of her back as she actually works with you to heighten her own arousal. If you do it right, and you have a good partner in the woman, the experience is intense, unforgettable and at times - explosive. However, eating a woman's pussy is not something that they ever taught you in school. It is, although, a skill that every man should have. In this video Steve teaches you how to do it right with the basics and walks you through a serious, no nonsense course on how to orally please the women in your life. This is what everyone has been waiting for and what you can't afford to miss out on.

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